"The Modern Teal" Glass Dab Rig

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Looking for a cool smoking accessory that will give you and your friends a fun and smoother way to inhale smoke? Get the "The Modern Teal" Glass Dab Rig and fully vaporize your concentrate with each dab on this rig.

This teal colored glass dab rig will give you a smooth and flavorful hit each time you inhale. Even on low temperature, it can efficiently vaporize all of your concentrates while keeping their original flavor giving you a better, pleasurable smoking experience.

There is no time to wait. Get your own glass dab rig today!


  • Highlights
  • U.S.A Made


  • Teal


  • Approximately 7" (Inches)
Ships from Los Angeles, CA


"The Modern Teal" Glass Dab Rig