"The Dots" Sherlock Pipe

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If you love the look of the smoking pipes from those classic detective movies, then this is going to be a great pipe for you! 

These smoking pipes feature a design derived from the pipe used in the famous Sherlock Holmes movies – it sports red, yellow and green dots for a more Rasta kind of vibe. Enjoy smoking your tobacco on the go and making it exceptionally special by using this pipe – just place your herbs or tobacco in the bowl, light it up and savor the heat; it delivers a milder sensation than standard hand pipes and chillums, thanks to its curved design!

Get into a reggae-like mood – bring it during travels. Add this chic classic smoking pipe to your cart today!!


  • Glass Sherlock Pipe
  • Colored Glass
  • Travel Size
  • Highest Quality
  • U.S.A Made


  • Rasta (Red, Yellow, Green) Dots


  • Approximately 6" (Inches)
Ships from Los Angeles, CA


"The Dots" Sherlock Pipe